New Zealand Redwood Company Scholarship

In February 2018, the Board of the NZIF Foundation agreed to accept a donation from The New Zealand Redwood Company and agreed to establish the New Zealand Redwood Company Scholarship on the terms set out below:


Scholarship available to students at the University of Canterbury, enrolled for a Bachelor of Forestry Science.


Donation of NZD 5,000/year for a minimum of five consecutive years from The New Zealand Redwood Company

Size and term of Award

One scholarship of NZD 5,000/year to be offered annually until the funding pool is exhausted.  The Foundation reserves the right to not make an award in any year when, in its opinion, there is no suitable applicant.

Application Process

The Foundation will annually call for applications for the scholarship and will determine those applicants who will receive the scholarship.  The Foundation will notify The New Zealand Redwood Company of the chosen applicant before making the award.

Applications should be made in writing and provide the following information:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Applicant’s contacts (Email and phone)
  • Statement setting out:
    • Academic history
    • Forestry experience
    • Description of research project (if relevant)
    • Aspirations and interests in the forestry profession
    • Proposed use of the award
    • Why you should receive the award
    • Copy of your CV
    • Details of any grants and scholarships received as part of your study
    • Other supporting information

Details (names, contact details, and position) of two referees who can attest to your achievements and characteristics.  At least one referee must be a member of the staff at the University of Canterbury


Rather than establishing a separate fund within the Foundation accounts, the Foundation Board has made a commitment to The New Zealand Redwood Company that it will offer the scholarships as described under the heading “Funding” above.  This will simplify the Foundation’s accounts (The commitment will be recorded in the accounts each year until the obligations are completed).







Georgia Craig, 4th year B.For.Sc (Hons) student at University of Canterbury

Impact of log storage on air quality



Mat Curry, 4th year B For Sc student at Canterbury University




(This fund is a declining one – awards cease when balance is $0)





Balance of Fund

Balance at 1/4/17





March 2018

Donation from NZ Redwood Company




July 2018

Award to Mat Curry




September 2018

Donation from NZ Redwood Company




August 2019 

Award to Georgia Craig



September 2019

Donation from NZ Redwood Compnay