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David Saathof presented with the Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry, in Napier

David Saathof, at the award ceremony in Napier, with his parents Ed and Maureen Saathof. He is holding the award which is made from timber grown in forest at the Duchy of Cornwall, and set on a plinth of New Zealand timbers.

6:35 AM, 12 Nov 2018

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Institute News 5 November 2018

The latest news from the NZIF includes:

  • Forest Growers Research Conference
  • Membes' Voice 
  • Hawkes Bay NZIF Local Section & NZFFA
  • Registration Board Update


6:39 AM, 05 Nov 2018

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NZIF Newsletter 5 November 2018 (President's Column)

This week I presented to the Rotorua Local Section on Wednesday night, following a very interesting update from Alfred Duval, one of the leaders of the Future Foresters. It was great to see the energy this group is giving to the task of telling their experiences at the start of an enjoyable, challenging and fulfilling career in forestry. It was also great to catch up with local members, and to be the catalyst for some lively discussion on the topic of forestry, climate change and the emissions trading scheme. 

Our thanks to Jonathan Dash for organising this meeting, and for his recent leadership of the local section (and his considerable contribution to the organisation of the NZIF conference in Rotorua in 2017). Jonathan is relinquishing this post because he is returning to UK for a two year period, but will remain on Council with responsibility for the website. I would also like to welcome Hazel Swanson as the new local section chair in Rotorua – it is great to see the Future Foresters also contributing to the local sections in this way.

6:23 AM, 05 Nov 2018

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In the News 5 November 2018

Forestry News from around the world and New Zealand, including:

  • Forest Growers Levy Vote 2019
  • Editorial: The Guardian view on Brazil’s new president: a global danger
  • From Hills to the Sea - a Community Thinks about freshwater
  • 'Earth is losing biodiversity at a rate seen only during mass extinctions'
  • RNZ Rural News 26th Oct - Draft National Policy Statement on Indigenous Biodiversity
  • Myrtle rust research
  • Species-rich forests store twice as much carbon as monocultures
  • Forest carbon stocks have been overestimated for 50 years
  • Prince Charles: Is planting trees the best thing you can do for your health and the planet?
  • Can forests save us from climate change?  Managing Europe's forests to maximize carbon sequestration has a negligible effect on the global climate

6:41 AM, 05 Nov 2018

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