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NZIF Newsletter 8 April 2019 (Perley Pick)

Changing the Framing of our Lands and Forests

“The fox knows many things; the hedgehog one big thing.”


The Parliamentary Commission for the Environment (PCE) report Farms, Forests and Fossil Fuels: The next Great Landscape Transformation was released 26th March 2019.  Amidst all the calls for clarity and angst over change, or even civil dialogue, a number of key ideas lay buried, or tossed aside, or even stomped to death.  We do need to think differently.  And that involves paradigm shifts in framing.  A point made by the PCE in this report, as it was made by ex PCE Commissioner Morgan Williams in the 2004 PCE report Growing for Good.

7:32 AM, 08 Apr 2019

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In the News 8 April 2019

Forestry News from around the world and New Zealand, including:

  • Parliamentary Commission for the Environment Report on Shifting Climate Change Policy Framing
  • The Multiple Responses to the PCE Report
  • ETS revamp: averaging accounting for forests
  • European investors big fans of billion trees project
  • Forestry company's careful pine extraction wins environmental award
  • 30 Die Fighting Forest Fire in China
  • Plans to tackle global warming by restoring forests are flawed, say scientists
  • Gisborne pilot logging training scheme may go national
  • Does Collective Action Sequester Carbon? Evidence from the Nepal Community Forestry Program
  • UK Forestry Commission centenary marked
  • First forestry approval under new overseas investment rules
  • EU consumption results in high carbon emissions from tropical deforestation, studies show
  • The Mega-Mast & planning wide-scale predator control
  • Auckland council's tree plan
  • Three iwi plan sanctuary to bring wildlife back to National Park area
  • Raukumara Conservation Park, the dying forest
  • NZ's first all-female crew working in Kaingaroa Forest
  • ECR Masterclass opportunity (Dame Ottoline Leyser DBE FRS) - Plant biology
  • Fellowship and Honorary Fellowship nominations

7:34 AM, 08 Apr 2019

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Institute News 8 April 2019

The latest news from the NZIF includes:

  • EVENT: CNI ( Rotorua)  Local Section & NZFFA
  • EVENT: ASIF invite all Auckland Section members and others interested to a presentation:
  • Forest Levy Vote 2019
  • EVENT: Asia-Pacific forests: the bigger picture
  • EVENT: NZ Farm Forestry Assn Conference 2019 – Fast Forward
  • Yale Online Course: Restoration Boot Camp for Tropical Asian Forests
  • Changed Address?

7:33 AM, 08 Apr 2019

A David Evison4

NZIF Newsletter 25 March 2019 (President's Column)

I would like to extend my sympathies to all members affected by the tragedy in Christchurch last Friday. The perpetration of a mass murder on our shores is something few of us would have anticipated, It leads us all to personally reflect on the attitudes and behaviours that have brought us to this place, and what we might seek to change in the future. It has also rightly led the government to consider some significant changes to policies and regulations. The many different expressions of support for those most affected have been heartening and uplifting.

11:02 AM, 25 Mar 2019

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