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President's Column 14 August 2019

By the time you get this newsletter the start of the ANZIF conference will be less than 2 weeks away. The organising committee has been working very hard on your behalf and has put together a very exciting programme, with top quality speakers. We are delighted to open the conference with an address from the Honourable Shane Jones, the Minister of Forestry. Future Foresters are making a strong contribution to this conference, starting with the quiz on a Sunday night. This event proved to be an excellent ice breaker at the conference last year, as everyone racked their memories to recall useful facts like the capital of Bellarus or the first number one hit by Lady Gaga. There is a full programme of CPD events on Sunday and, of course, the AGM, followed by networking drinks (a very popular combination). There is a great range of other social and informational events. Have a look at the full programme at https://www.anzifconference.com and register now, if you haven’t already.

7:55 PM, 14 Aug 2019


Institute News 14 August 2019

The latest news from the NZIF includes:

  • Notice of NZIF Annual General Meeting 
  • 2019 ANZIF Conference, Christchurch
  • From the Registrar
  • Latest NZ Journal of Forestry is On-line
  • NZIF Valuation Standards Revision
  • Forestry Career Portal
  • Event: Forest Ecosystem Services (FES) workshop: 2 Sept 2019 , Christchurch
  • Event: Resource Management Workshop
  • LAST CHANCE: Te Uru Rākau opens second round of Forestry Scholarships 
  • MPI Sustainable Forestry Bulletin
  • Royal Society New Zealand
  • Event: Forest Growers’ Conference 2019
  • Australia & New Zealand FSC Newsletter
  • Event: 30th Anniversary of Pro Silva 2019
  • Event: XXV IUFRO World Congress 2019
  • Institute of Chartered Foresters (UK)
  • Changed Address?

10:33 AM, 14 Aug 2019


2019 ANZIF Conference 25 -28 August 2019

2019 ANZIF conference 25 - 28 August 2019

Registration is now open for the combined 2019 Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Forestry Conference (ANZIF), which has the theme:


This year’s conference theme is highly relevant on both sides of the Tasman. Your conference organising committee, made up of NZIF and IFA members, has secured the very best national and international speakers. Professional development courses will cover forest valuation, carbon forestry and leadership. The field trip will address topical issues in forest management.

10:31 AM, 14 Aug 2019

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In the News 14 August 2019

Forestry News from around the world and New Zealand, including: 

  • John Ruru passes.  Obituary, Gisborne Herald
  • World: The limits of rainforest growth
  • NZ: Farming, forestry, and fishing most risky for injury
  • World: UN climate report: Change land use to avoid a hungry future
  • Russia: Wildfires spread in remote Siberia, Russian Far East
  • SE Asia: Indonesia steps up response to massive forest fires
  • World: How wildfires trap carbon for centuries to millennia
  • World: See the forest for more than the trees — why reforestation isn’t working
  • NZ: Billion trees policy 'spells end of farming'
  • NZ: Keith Woodford calls on the Government to rethink its forestry policies …
  • NZ: More to forestry than pine trees – Opinion 
  • World: Now the IPCC knows it too, climate change can’t be solved without people's rights
  • NZ: Satellite images tell the story of Tolaga Bay’s forestry disaster
  • Canada: Involving communities in their forests
  • SE Asia: Malaysia working to tighten laws on forest protection, says the minister
  • British Columbia: Ravi Kahlon says he's up to dealing with B.C.'s forestry woes
  • SE Asia: Indonesia president makes the moratorium on forest clearance permanent
  • World: Is the forestry sector heading for disaster?
  • Europe: 'Part of German soul' under threat as forests die
  • China: Plan targets protection of natural forest
  • PNW: Charred forests not growing back as expected in Pacific Northwest, researchers say
  • USA: 'Mega-fires' may be too extreme even for a bird that loves fire
  • PNW: West Coast forest landowners will plant less Douglas-fir in warming climate, model shows
  • NZ: Government seeks feedback on biodiversity strategy
  • NZ: Investors angry after finding out money doesn't grow on their trees
  • UK: Six forests of the UK feature on the new Royal Mail special stamps
  • Africa: ‘The forest is our life’: Hope for change in Guyana’s forests (commentary)

10:42 AM, 14 Aug 2019

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