NZIF Newsletter 12 March 2018 (President's Column)

NZIF is at a cross roads. After a large amount of work we are finally being heard at Government levels. I am in regular contact with the Minister of Forestry, and have been deeply involved in some of the forestry announcements and others to come. NZIF has not had this amount of access to a Minister for decades. Our time is now and we must grab it.

At the same time we are seeing a large change in membership. Many members are moving to retired status with the associated effect on NZIF income. It is time we consider how the Institute is run. There will be some proposed changes to the rules reflecting this, which will be sent to all members in the following weeks. I encourage all of you to read and consider them. If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask me directly, or ask via the members voice in this newsletter so all members can see the response.

11:15 AM, 12 Mar 2018

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New Zealand’s foresters should not be punished for managing their forests sustainably

The New Zealand Institute for Forestry (NZIF) advocates for the adoption of an integrated land use policy for New Zealand. NZIF members’ interests are for more forests for conservation, production, urban forestry, recreation, biodiversity and wellbeing.

Forests’ role in New Zealand’s future requires a wider societal debate. The future of forestry in New Zealand depends on the community’s definition of clean water, sustainable agriculture and a low-carbon economy more than on the relative merits of radiata pine panels and rata honey.

12:04 PM, 19 Feb 2018

2018 NZIF Conference circles FINAL

Conference News (12 March 2018)

The latest news from the NZIF Conference 9 -11 July, Nelson.

Sponsorship of sessions, trade stands, and activities are filling fast so if you want this opportunity please take it up now to avoid disappointment. We will be opening registration shortly. See  "Events" tab on the NZIF homepage for more information.


3:20 PM, 12 Mar 2018

NZJF 62 4

New Zealand Journal of Forestry Volume 62 Number 4, February 2018

Peter Clark’s “backward look at the future”, the opening address of the NZIF 2017 conference, begins the issue accompanied by four other conference papers, two of which are non-forester’s views on how the industry should present itself to the public if it wishes to prosper, a third predicting the timber renaissance in buildings and the fourth forecasting the uncertain future of the clearwood processing industry. There is an historical look at Tairua forest, and a paper on the current reality of the use of New Zealand logs in Chinese construction.

5:22 PM, 16 Feb 2018

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