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President's Column 9 Sept 2019

Congratulations to Phil Taylor and the Organising Committee on an excellent ANZIF conference last week. I have received a lot of positive feedback on various aspects of the event. Something new that was tried this time was the formulation of resolutions from the conference sessions. Thanks to Gary Morgan for proposing this innovation, Jim Carle for leading the process at the conference, and the session chairs for articulating the resolutions. The resolutions will be considered and prioritised for action (where appropriate and feasible) at the next NZIF Council meeting on Monday 9th Sept. We are hoping this innovation will provide more continuity between conferences and allow us to potentially do more with the excellent information and insights which our conferences always present.

9:42 AM, 09 Sep 2019


Members’ Forum 9 Sept 2019

Forest Policy responses

9:05 AM, 09 Sep 2019


Institute News 9 Sept 2019

The latest news from the NZIF includes:

  • NZIF Forester of the Year Award
  • NZIF Foundation Awards
  • NZIF Journal Editor
  • From the Registrar
  • Obituary: Buzz Holling: Pioneering the Science of Surprise
  • Event: Resource Management Workshop
  • Māori Landowners Native Forest Restoration and Carbon Farming

9:41 AM, 09 Sep 2019

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In the News 9 Sept 2019

Forestry News from around the world and New Zealand, including: 

  • Australia: (Sunday 8th current) Bushfires out of control in NSW and Queensland, expected to increase
  • Nth America: Forest-killing bark beetles also might help ecosystem, experts say
  • World: Diversity increases ecosystem stability
  • Canada: Canadians May Be Planting More Trees, But It Won't Be Enough To Help Our Forests
  • Canada: Boreal Forest Soils linked to climate change

10:40 AM, 09 Sep 2019

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