NZIF Zero Carbon Bill submission

The DD is the latest in a 20+ year series of opportunities to comment on Government’s climate change policy. NZIF has commented on many of the interactions between climate change policy and forestry in past submissions. We have consistently raised the depressive effect on afforestation rates arising from selective and favourable regulation of the GHG emissions from agriculture. We are  concerned at suggestions that agricultural methane be managed on some basis other than its internationally agreed CO2e warming potential, the approach applied to all other GHG’s including methane from sources other than ruminate agriculture.

10:51 AM, 17 Jul 2018

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Media Release - NZ Institute of Forestry recognises outstanding contributions of individuals to New Zealand forestry

The NZ Institute of Forestry recognised the contribution of two of its outstanding leaders at its Annual Awards Dinner in Nelson last night. Peter Clark of Rotorua received the NZIF Forester of the Year award. The award recognises an Institute member who has made an outstanding contribution to either the forestry profession, or the forestry sector over the last 12 months. 

9:11 AM, 17 Jul 2018


Media Statement - NZ Institute of Forestry launches new National Forest Policy

New Zealand forestry professionals meeting for their annual conference in Nelson today will receive and discuss a new national forest policy. The document “Forest Policy for New Zealand” has been presented to the Minister of Forests, Shane Jones, who formally opened the conference this morning.

9:23 AM, 17 Jul 2018

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NZIF Newsletter 16 July 2018 (President's Column)

Last week was a big week! The conference was great for networking, new information, and different ways of thinking about all things to do with forestry.

The Professional Development courses were very well targeted and well attended. Being a forest economist myself, a two hour talk on forest valuation was like heaven, of course! Bill Liley did an excellent job, providing a comprehensive summary of this important topic, and underscoring the importance of the work that the Valuation Working Party is doing. The paper by Professor Tim Dare on professional ethics was also very useful. I came away with a clear understanding of the rationale for the professions and for professional ethics. The talk was quite philosophical in approach but also gave us some excellent guidance on where more work is required on our own code of ethics. Continuing professional development is critical to establishing professionalism and will continue to be a feature of our conferences and local section meetings. Copies of these talks will be available to members on our website.

7:51 AM, 16 Jul 2018

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