Submission on Real Estate Agents (Exemptions) Regulations 2017

The draft Real Estate Agents (Exemptions) Regulations 2017, which will apply to Registered Members of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry.
The regulations appear to generally follow the position reached after negotiation between NZIF and MoJ.

8:40 AM, 20 March 2017

John Groome

It is with great sadness that the institute acknowledges the passing of Honorary Member John Groome.

The institute was able to acknowledge John's amazing support and contribution to NZIF and forestry by awarding him the Kirk Horn Award last year at the Dunedin 2016 NZIF Conference.

John joined the institute in 1948, started the Hawkes Bay Local Section in 1956. He was heavier involved with the institute as a NZIF Councillor, Vice-president then president and finally Immediate Part President over a 12 year period.

At 90 years of age he still had time and energy to write a piece for the NZIF newsletter "Members Voice" on his thoughts on forestry.

Our thoughts are with John's family and friends at this time. John's life will be celebrated on Thursday 9th February at Lamb and Hayward in Christchurch.

3:43 PM, 7 February 2017

New Zealand Journal of Forestry Volume 61 Number 4, February 2017

New Zealand’s forest plantations provide a wide range of ecosystem services and non-timber benefits in addition to a financial return on investment from timber production. Most of these services are provided freely. The February issue has seven papers on the subject, including two from Scion that attempt to quantify the full value provided to society by describing the analytic methods used and by contrasting dairy and forestry on the same block of land. These environmental and social values can be greater than the financial return.

For more on the New Zealand Journal of Forestry see here

1:38 PM, 13 February 2017

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