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President's Column 3 Dec 2019

The time of year has arrived when many of us are either scurrying around trying to finish tasks that we don’t want to be greeting us on the first day back in the New Year, or enjoying the opportunity to chat to people about what they are doing and where they are going over the break. In truth most of us are doing both. I hope for all of you, the mix is about right, and when we close the door on 2019 there is a general feeling of satisfaction at a job well done. This will be the last newsletter for 2019, and a time to thank all of you who have contributed to the success of the NZIF over the past year.   Read more 

6:55 AM, 03 Dec 2019


In the News 3 Dec 2019

Forestry News from around the world and New Zealand, including: 

  • World: Nine climate tipping points now 'active,' warn scientists
  • World: Forests face climate change tug of war
  • World: Individual climate models may not provide the complete picture
  • Firefighters prepare across NZ as fire risk spikes early
  • US: In the Sierra, scientists bet on ‘survivor’ trees to withstand drought and climate change

7:00 AM, 03 Dec 2019


Institute News 3 Dec 2019

The latest news from the NZIF includes:

  • Institute of Forestry hosts meeting with the Prince of Wales
  •  NZ Journal of Forestry Rates Increase
  • Australia's State of the Forests Report 2018
  • Conference and Celebration for 50 years Canterbury School of Forestry
  • Emissions Trading Reform Bill introduced

6:39 AM, 03 Dec 2019


Institute News 18 Nov 2019

The latest news from the NZIF includes:

  • Anne Bassett & Don McKenzie
  • From the Registrar
  • Conference and Celebration for 50 years Canterbury School of Forestry
  • Events: 2019 Forestry Workforce Roadshow: November 6th to 28th
  • Emissions Trading Reform Bill introduced


9:47 AM, 18 Nov 2019

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