The NZIF Foundation was established by the New Zealand Institute of Forestry in December 2011 to advance education in relation to forestry.

This can include encouraging and supporting forestry-related research, education and training through the provision of grants, scholarships and prizes. It also promotes the acquisition, development and dissemination of forestry-related knowledge and information and other activities that do not conflict with the charitable purpose.

In the Trust Deed, "forestry" has been given a broad definition. It includes all those activities involved in the management and use of forests and their products. In determining this wide definition, the NZIF Council wanted to ensure the Foundation could operate across the full spectrum of forests and forestry in New Zealand, both for wood production and other purposes.

Donations to the Foundation

The NZIF Foundation needs your help if it is to maintain and increase its contribution to forestry education in New Zealand. All donations, whether small or large, will assist the Foundation to offer more and larger scholarships and grants in support of New Zealand forestry education.

The NZIF Foundation is a registered charity (CC47691) under the Charities Act 2005. Donations of $5 or more are eligible donations for tax purposes.

For NZIF members to make a Credit Card donation Click here

Donations from member and non members can also be made through internet banking to BNZ 02 1269 0014573 00. Please include your name in the details fields. Please email the Foundation email to advise you have made a donation and whether or not you require a receipt for tax purposes.

To discuss opportunities for larger donations to be applied to specific purposes, contact the Foundation Chair,


Awards being offered in 2021

The NZIF Foundation is offering the following awards in 2021 (see link below for more details of each award):

For detailed descriptions for each Award Click on Award name below.

 Note that:

Applications, made on the application form, must be received by the Foundation administrator no later than 5pm on Monday 31st May 2021.

The awards will be announced at the Awards Dinner of the NZ Institute of Forestry Conference in Masterton on 16th August 2021.

Application form for scholarships