Frank Hutchinson Postgraduate Scholarship

When the NZIF Foundation was established by the New Zealand Institute of Forestry in December 2011, the Trustees agreed to take over the Frank Hutchinson Postgraduate Scholarship.


The Frank Hutchinson Postgraduate Scholarship is open to students enrolled for a forestry or forestry related postgraduate degree at a New Zealand University.

It recognises excellence at the student level and rewards innovation and entrepreneurial potential.

In assessing applications, the judges will have regard to:

  • Academic record;
    • Student background and forestry aspirations;
    • Research project being undertaken;
    • Presentation of application and communication of ideas.


The Frank Hutchinson Postgraduate Scholarship is funded from the Foundation’s general funding.

Size and term of Award

An annual award of up to $1,000 is offered.


Applications should be made in writing and provide the following information:

  • The applicant’s name, institution and course enrolled for Undergrad award. 
  • Applicant’s contacts (Email and phone)
  • Statement setting out:
    • Your academic history
    • Your forestry experience
    • Description of research project
    • Your aspirations and interests in the forestry profession
    • Hobbies and interests
    • Proposed use of the award
    • Why you should receive the award
    • details of any prizes, grants or scholarships received as part of your study
    • Copy of your CV
    • Other supporting information
    • Details (names, contact details, and position) of two staff members at the institution you are enrolled at who can attest to your achievements and characteristics

Background information

Frank Hutchinson was appointed as a lecturer in forest utilisation at the first forestry school at Canterbury University College in 1924, staying there until the school closed in 1933.  He was admitted as a member of the then two year old New Zealand Institute of Foresters in 1929 and was elected President for a two year term in 1954.







Monique Hall,
M. For. Sc. student at the University of Waikato

Best conditions for planting environmentally sensitive late-successional plant species in restored urban forest.  $1,000
2018 Yannina Whiteley, M.For.Sc. student at the University of Canterbury Spatially explicit empirical models for tree-top faults and single-tree wind-throws in Pinus radiata at Geraldine Forest.  $1,000


Michael Pay, 2nd year M.For.Sc. student at the University of Canterbury

Estate modelling for a multi-species, multi-objective forest



Tingdong Guo, Ph.D. student at the University of Canterbury

Effects of post-earthquake redevelopment on urban forests in Christchurch



Virginia Christians, Master of Supply Chain Management at Massey University

Log exporting, with emphasis on how cooperative competition in logistics activities could add value to the forest industry



Matt Waghorn, Ph.D. student at the University of Canterbury.

Understanding the ecophysiological and biomechanical response of juvenile Pinus radiata to water deficits.



Chris Meaclem, Master of Mechanical Engineering student, University of Canterbury

Developing a teleoperated robot that would take harvesting workers out of steep slopes and allow them to operate machines from a safe, remote distance.



No award made