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Professional Foresters Award Their Achievers

Leaders in the forestry industry were recognised at the New Zealand Institute of Forestrys annual awards dinner held in Napier last night.

Forester of the Year was awarded to Paul Nicholls, managing director of Rayonier NZ, for outstanding service to the forestry industry.
The award is one of the highest accolades in the industry, recognising contribution, leadership, excellence and integrity.
After obtaining a forestry degree from the University of Canberra, Australia, Paul began as a graduate forester in Tasmania.  During his more than 30 years in forestry across Australia and New Zealand Paul has generously given his time and expertise to the benefit of the industry.
These organisations and projects include governance roles with NZ Wood, Wood Council of NZ, The Levy Trust Board, Independent Safety Review Panel and he is currently President of the Forest Owners Association.
For the past 21 years Paul has been with Rayonier NZ, which manages Rayonier Matariki Forests and is the country s third largest forest owner.
In announcing the award, President James Treadwell stated, Paul is one of New Zealand’s most experienced foresters and has contributed greatly to the ongoing growth and success of the industry.  His knowledge and passion is highly respected and he is a very committed member of the Institute.

The Thomas Kirk award which is made every second year was awarded to Dr Andrew McEwen for eminence and recognises outstanding contributions in the field of forestry.

Dr McEwen started as a forest trainee in 1962.  From 1971 to 1982 he worked at the Forest Research Institute in Rotorua, during which time he undertook his Ph.D.  In 1982 he moved to Wellington, and from 1987 to 1999 he worked for Crown Forestry Management Ltd. 
At the end of 1999 he started his own business.  Over the last decade Andrew has volunteered countless hours to the industry in his role as President of the Institute over the last six years and Vice President for four years.
President James Treadwell stated, I am reliably told Andrew entered into the forestry industry as he was told at a careers evening it was an industry where every day was a picnic in the bush.  I do not think any of us believe Andrew has had time for picnics in the last decade!

Media Release 8.7.2014

Journal of Forestry Vol 58 No. 4

The New Zealand Journal of Forestry for May 2014 (Volume 59, number 1) 

New Zealand's place in International forestry is the theme of the New Zealand Journal of Forestry for May 2014 (Volume 59, number 1). The papers describe the need for forest policy to improve sustainable management in the South East Asia and Pacific regions, emphasizing the need for a current policy to cover all of New Zealand's forests.  Jim Carle describes FAO's global role; Alan Reid how New Zealand contributes to international conventions; Chris Brown and Patrick Durst how dialogue is carried out under the umbrella of sustainable development. Ian Armitage discusses forest management influences within the Asia-Pacific region and John Halkett the importance of South East Asian tropical forest jungles. James Griffith asserts the role of forest certification. Tony Steer identifies how to achieve global best practice in the management of New Zealand's conservation forests. The last word from Kit Richards emphasizes how forest cover reduces the erosion effects of storms, with pictures worth a thousand words. 


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