New Zealand Journal of Forestry Volume 61 Number 1, May 2016

The Future of Wood Processing in New Zealand is the theme of this issue. Three papers analyse the market prospects for a Kraft pulp mill; the Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) of potential industries; and the results of the latest National Exotic Forest Description (NEFD) wood supply forecasts. The last word is provided by Brian Stanley, Chairman of the Wood Council of New Zealand. Two professional papers on forest road-stream crossings and forest establishment quality assurance round out the issue.

1:38 PM, 10 May 2016

Media Release ETS reports

NZIF President James Treadwell says “the three reports out this week from Pure Advantage, the Morgan Foundation and the Royal Society highlight the total lack of real effective action from this country to reducing greenhouse gases”

9:17 AM, 26 April 2016

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1:56 PM, 24 July 2015

NZ ETS Review Consultation

A large number of NZIF’s members have been and continue to be directly affected by ETS policy and direction. The ETS can have a major effect on the risks and returns from forestry investment.

1:50 PM, 30 April 2016

Consultation on next steps for freshwater Submission to Freshwater Consultation 2016

NZIF concurs with the message from the Ministers stating over the 25 years of the Resource Management Act 1991 Councils have significantly reduced pollution from consented discharges (e.g. factories, sewerage works and forestry operations etc.) but council’s regulatory systems “has not worked in dealing with the more difficult problem of diffuse pollution … including nutrients, pathogens and sediments from intensive farming….”.

4:52 PM, 19 April 2016