NZ ETS Review Consultation

A large number of NZIF’s members have been and continue to be directly affected by ETS policy and direction. The ETS can have a major effect on the risks and returns from forestry investment.

1:50 PM, 30 April 2016

Consultation on next steps for freshwater Submission to Freshwater Consultation 2016

NZIF concurs with the message from the Ministers stating over the 25 years of the Resource Management Act 1991 Councils have significantly reduced pollution from consented discharges (e.g. factories, sewerage works and forestry operations etc.) but council’s regulatory systems “has not worked in dealing with the more difficult problem of diffuse pollution … including nutrients, pathogens and sediments from intensive farming….”.

4:52 PM, 19 April 2016

New Zealand Journal of Forestry Volume 60 Number 4, February 2016

New technologies affect forest management and wood processing as much as in other industries. The current issue touches briefly on the subject including: forest processors with on-board computers and global navigation systems; the future of robotics; the deployment of high-resolution remotely sensed data; and the utility of the Internet of Things. Additional papers cover a survey of recent forest purchase transactions, the profitability of growing Eucalyptus nitens and the variability in the JAS/tonnes ratio as it affects the $ value received from a sale.

1:38 PM, 9 February 2016

Media Release ETS reports

NZIF President James Treadwell says “the three reports out this week from Pure Advantage, the Morgan Foundation and the Royal Society highlight the total lack of real effective action from this country to reducing greenhouse gases”

9:17 AM, 26 April 2016

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

NZIF is supportive of those parts of the Bill which aim to reduce duplication, including the use of National Planning Templates and the power to use regulations to remove areas of overlap, for example where local authorities re-consider matters which have already been deliberated by a central government and expert bodies.

1:38 PM, 15 March 2016