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New Zealand Journal of Forestry Volume 59 Number 2

In 2012, Ash Dieback disease entered England from the continent. The pathogen spreads rapidly and very soon 90 to 98 % of the Ash trees in Britain are expected to die. There are currently no effective measures to mitigate or prevent the disease. The ban on importing Ash stock from Europe, imposed in October 2012, was too late. The August 2014 issue of the New Zealand Journal of Forestry has four articles on forest protection and biosecurity in New Zealand. These discuss risks to our plantation forests and export trade. They provide an overview of approaches to prevent invasions and the phytosanitary conditions applied to prevent the trans-shipment of pathogens to customers. A history of research and control of forest health in New Zealand is presented. The article on Phytophthora spp. discusses Red Needle Cast disease and Kauri Dieback.  In addition, the paper on the 9th survey of discount rates used in forest valuation will be necessary reading for consultants


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