Institute News 18 Nov 2019

The latest news from the NZIF includes:

  • Anne Bassett & Don McKenzie
  • From the Registrar
  • Conference and Celebration for 50 years Canterbury School of Forestry
  • Events: 2019 Forestry Workforce Roadshow: November 6th to 28th
  • Emissions Trading Reform Bill introduced


9:47 AM, 18 Nov 2019

A David Evison4

President's Column 4 Nov 2019

I had the pleasure of visiting Europe early in October, where I presented a paper on the investment returns from New Zealand commercial forests at the 6th International Faustmann Symposium. Martin Faustmann was a German forester (and the father of forest economics, and finance), and the conference is held to honour his contribution approximately every three years. The next symposium will be in New Zealand, at the School of Forestry.  Read more 

9:02 AM, 04 Nov 2019

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In the News 18 Nov 2019

Forestry News from around the world and New Zealand, including: 

  • Australian Bushfires
  • Scientists declare climate emergency, establish global indicators for effective action
  • Warming climate, population sprawl threaten California’s future with more destructive wildfires
  • How wildfires trap carbon for centuries to millennia
  • NZ:  Calls to ban farm conversions to forestry make no sense

10:16 AM, 18 Nov 2019


Institute News 4 Nov 19

The latest news from the NZIF includes:

  • From the Registrar
  • Radiata Pine Breeding Company New Website Release
  • Events: 2019 Forestry Workforce Roadshow: November 6th to 28th
  • Event: NZIF Christmas Function
  • Events: UC Forest Engineering Professional Development Courses – 2019


7:41 PM, 04 Nov 2019

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