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New Zealand’s foresters should not be punished for managing their forests sustainably

The New Zealand Institute for Forestry (NZIF) advocates for the adoption of an integrated land use policy for New Zealand. NZIF members’ interests are for more forests for conservation, production, urban forestry, recreation, biodiversity and wellbeing.

Forests’ role in New Zealand’s future requires a wider societal debate. The future of forestry in New Zealand depends on the community’s definition of clean water, sustainable agriculture and a low-carbon economy more than on the relative merits of radiata pine panels and rata honey.

12:04 PM, 19 Feb 2018


NZIF Newsletter 12 February 2018 (President's Column)

It is with much pleasure I welcome you to the first newsletter of 2018. Tim, Jay and your council have not been on holiday all this time, rather we have got on with business for 2018. 

A number of meetings have been held with Ministers, a submission has been made on Forestry Rights requiring OIO approval, planning for the conference in Nelson has continue along with the sponsorship options posted (please contact me if you wish to sponsor), communication between the Australian and UK institutes has continued with the goal of closer relationships, the registration board has been active both with applications and reviews as well as ensuring we meet the requirements put on us as part of the Real Estate Exemption, the draft budget has been formed and will be confirmed at the next meeting of council, the future forests special interest group has been formalised with Sheridan Ashford elected as its first president, a draft communications plan has been formed, and meetings held with MPI on extension programs. We have been busy! 


9:24 AM, 12 Feb 2018

NZIF 2017 Rotorua 52

New Zealand Journal of Forestry Volume 62 Number 4, February 2018

Peter Clark’s “backward look at the future”, the opening address of the NZIF 2017 conference, begins the issue accompanied by four other conference papers, two of which are non-forester’s views on how the industry should present itself to the public if it wishes to prosper, a third predicting the timber renaissance in buildings and the fourth forecasting the uncertain future of the clearwood processing industry. There is an historical look at Tairua forest, and a paper on the current reality of the use of New Zealand logs in Chinese construction.

5:22 PM, 16 Feb 2018

Media Release - NZIF Salary Survey 2017


3:15 PM, 22 Dec 2017

NZIF Conference 2018

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The Prince of Wales Presentation to the NZIF Conference, Rotorua 2017

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