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Nelson / Marlborough NZIF Local Section

Fri, Aug. 30, 2019 12:00pm — 2:00pm

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Dear MFIA Member,

There is certainly an increase in discussion as to the way our industry can, or should, move forward.

This initiative from NZFOA and the NZ Forest Grower Levy Trust certainly aims at a sometimes overlooked section of our industry - something like 50% by area of our local plantations is owned by "small-scale growers," be they farm blocks, investment blocks or whatever.  To read more click here

As time is limited it is not possible for the organisers to provide workshops in as many regions as they would like so, can I ask, that you please pass this on to your contacts in Nelson, Tasman, West Coast, Kaikoura and North Canterbury.

They will be welcome.

Thanks and regards


Small Grower Harvesting Research Initiative

12 Noon, Friday 30th August 2019, Marlborough Emergency Management Centre, Wither Road Extension, Blenheim

 The Small and Medium Enterprise Committee of NZ Forest Owners Association has obtained funds from the NZ Forest Grower Levy Trust to initiate harvesting research for small-scale forest growers. The

rationale for this is; roading, harvesting and transport can be 70-80% of the delivered cost of wood from small grower woodlots. These costs are rising rapidly. In areas that need forestry the most, such as remote hill country, high harvesting, roading and transport costs are likely to constrain further afforestation investment.

The first stage of the project is to investigate what ideas and interest there is to establish a research programme. Regional workshops are being organised at five locations around the country in August and September to engage with small growers, harvest managers, contractors, equipment developers and industry bodies to generate feedback and develop projects for research into small-scale grower harvesting, roading and transport systems.

Ideas and examples are sought that challenge traditional ways of harvesting small forest lots that might benefit from a focused research or development programme. These may include innovative use of new or re-designed harvesting equipment, multifunctional and versatile felling, bunching and extraction equipment, different approaches to log manufacturing and processing, transport systems, planning approaches etc.

You are invited to attend the workshop as advised in the accompanying email and propose any ideas that might lead to cost reductions or productivity gains. Please respond to the contact person and register to help manage numbers at the workshop. Thank you.


A workshop agenda is proposed as follows:

Workshop Agenda

Lunch will be provided at 12 with a 1pm start

Session 1: Introduction and goals John Schrider

Session 2: Past, Current, and Future harvesting research Keith Raymond

Session 3: Facilitated Workshop and discussion Graham West

Harvesting, Roading, Transport, Supply chain, Other

Session 4: Summarise workshop and development action items

Lunch and refreshments will be provided for workshop participants

RSVP: info@marlboroughforestry.com or vern.forest@kinect.co.nz

For further information related to workshop purpose and technical questions please contact:

John Schrider john@forme.co.nz Ph: 027 446 9296

Graham West westlanduse@gmail.com Ph: 027 441 0353

Dean Satchell dsatch@xtra.co.nz Ph: 021 235 7554