A Fellow of the NZIF is a full voting member other than an Honorary member who has been recognised by NZIF members as having achieved eminence in the profession.

Current Fellows

Mr Ian Armitage, Ordinary

Mr Ian Barton, Retired

Dr Colin Basset, Retired

Mr Peter Berg, Ordinary

Mr Alan Bell, Registered

Dr Hugh Bigsby, Ordinary

Ms Jaquette (Ket) Bradshaw, Ordinary

Mr Peter Brown, Registered

Dr Rowland Burdon, Ordinary

Mr Geoffrey Cameron, Registered

Mr James (Jim) Carle, Ordinary

Mr Bruce Childs, Retired

Mr Jeremy Christmas, Ordinary

Mr Peter Clark, Registered

Dr David Cown, Ordinary

Mr Garth Cumberland, Retired Registered

Mr Russell Dale, Ordinary

Mr Barry Downey, Ordinary

Mr David Field, Retired

Mr John Galbraith, Registered

Mr Brett Gilmore, Registered

Dr Christopher Goulding, Registered

Mr Anthony Grayburn, Honorary

Mr John Groome, Honorary

Mr Dennys Guild, Registered

Mr Peter Hill, Ordinary

Mr Nicholas Ledgard, Ordinary

Mr Hamish Levack, Registered

Mr Piers Maclaren, Registered

Mr Mike Marren, Registered

Professor Bruce Manley, Registered

Dr Andrew McEwen, Registered

Mr Colin McKenzie, Retired

Dr Euan Mason, Ordinary

Dr Donald Mead, Retired

Mr Ian Moore, Registered

Mr Paul Nicholls, Ordinary

Professor David Norton, Ordinary

Mr Arthur (Ian) Page, Retired Registered

Mr Murray Parrish, Ordinary

Dr Tim Payn, Ordinary

Mr Christopher Perley, Registered

Mr John Purey-Cust, Ordinary

Mr Christopher (Kit) Richards, Registered

Mr David Rhodes, Ordinary

Mr John Ruru, Ordinary

Mr John Schrider, Registered

Mr Thomas Song, Ordinary

Mr Jim Spiers, Honorary

Mr Hugh Stevenson, Ordinary

Mr William Studholm, Retired

Dr Wink Sutton, Retired

Professor Geoffrey Sweet, Retired

Mr Phillip Taylor, Ordinary

Mr Peter Thode, Ordinary

Mr Geoff Thorp, Registered

Mr James Treadwell, Registered

Mr John Vaney, Registered

Dr John Wardle, Retired

Mr Robin Webster, Registered

Mr Peter Weir, Ordinary

Mr Don Wijewardana, Retired

Dr Michael Wilcox, Retired

Mr Andrew Wiltshire, Ordinary

Mr Steve Wilton, Ordinary

Dr Richard Woollons, Retired